Educational Resources during COVID-19 crisis:


LPB has developed a website ( in partnership with the LDOE to provide teachers, families, and caregivers trusted resources to navigate learning while at home.  LPB is also providing weekday educational broadcasts from 5AM-5PM on LPB1.  All of the resources, broadcast schedule, meal sites, etc. are on the LPB At Home Learning site. 

Click the link below to access the information!

At-Home Learning | Louisiana Public Broadcasting

How do i keep my child engaged while out of school?


Maintain a routine.


Even in a new and uncertain situation, it’s best to try to maintain order and structure for your child. Research shows that routines lead to a healthier lifestyle and allow your child to thrive in different conditions than they may be used to. Try to stick to usual wake-up, nap, and bedtime routines even though it can be tempting to allow your little ones or teens to stay up late or sleep in.

Utilize free online educational resources.
While screen time should be moderated, there are lots of free, educational online resources to keep your child’s mind sharp while they are out of school. 

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