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"Empowering Fathers to Create a Bright Future for Their Families."

FOAM is one of the only nonprofit organizations that empower men to become better father figures within their community. We provide Fatherhood sessions, workplace opportunities, community resources, and relationship-building opportunities to men of all ages.

Mission: To promote responsible committed fatherhood through education, strong relationships, holistic health, and socioeconomic improvement opportunities.

Vision: All Fathers and Father Figures are active positive models with their children, families and in the community.

"Uplifting Dads & Changing Lives - One Mission At A Time."

Our Goals

F.O.A.M. aims to empower fathers and strengthen families by providing resources, training, and support. Through these programs, fathers will learn the skills and techniques necessary to succeed effectively as caretakers and providers. By participating in FOAM programs, fathers will also have the opportunity to connect with other fathers and professionals in the field and to receive support and encouragement as they navigate the challenges of parenthood. 

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